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Amazon Digital Deal Day: Marvel comics, HBO Now, Overwatch, Kindle books, more!

Amazon's got their "Digital Day" going, with a lot of great deals across various media. A few highlights:

There's a huge Marvel Digital Comics Sale, with graphic novels like Star Wars, Ms. Marvel, Daredevil, Infinity Gauntlet, Hawkeye, and more for under $2.20 each. There are some larger collections like Punisher Max for as much as $5.

If you subscribe to HBO Now, you get a $10 Amazon Credit.

The Kindle Daily Deals include a Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance, Marie Lu's Legend, and Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise for $2.99 each.

In digital games, the GotY edition of Overwatch is $29.99 (50% off), while Fallout 4 with the Season Pass is $24.99 (50% off). Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Digital Deluxe is $39.99 (50% off), which is the same price for the non-deluxe version, so hey, free DLC.

And if you have an Amazon Fire, you can snag Monument Valley 2 for $2.49 (50% off), which is a great deal on a great game. If you've got younger kids, all Toca games for the Fire are $.99 (66% off). And Teeny Titans -- which is essentially an old-school Pokemon game with the Titans, and is genuinely great -- is $.99 (75% off) on the Fire.

There are a lot of movies on sale, but one notable one is Jack Reacher: Never Go Back for $4.99 to own digitally.

There's a ton more at the sale, if you've got the patience for the deep dive.
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Three quick last-minute Amazon Deals: Book coupon, iTunes/Lyft Gift Cards, H is for Hawk!

1. Amazon's got yet another $5 off $15 Book Coupon! It officially expires today, so get cracking!

2. There are some great Gift Card Deals, including $15 off $100 worth of iTunes cards, $10 off $50 at JC Penny, and $5 off $50 at Lyft.

3. And one of my favorite Kindle Daily Deals is on H is For Hawk, a wonderful memoir, for $1.99 (even if the title sounds like a Kinsey Millhone/Spenser crossover book).
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Oh, hey, an Amazon Board Game Sale!

As happens about once a year at this time, there's a one-day Board Game Sale at Amazon! Highlights include Ticket to Ride for $25.82 (48% off), Betrayal at Baldur's Gate Board Game (which happens to be on my wishlist) for $28.99 (42% off), Lost Cities for $19.40 (51% off), Bloodborne: The Card Game for $18.49 (47% off), and Dungeons & Dragons: Assault of the Giants Board Game Premium Edition for $67.99 (48% off). All are way below other vendors, and there's a ton of other games there, too.
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Thursday Amazon Deals: Get Out, John Wick 2, Kitchen gadgets, PS4 games, Shopkins, K'Nex, more!

All of the Kindle Deals from yesterday are still active, including Scalzi, Grafton, Schwab, Older, and more.

In videogame remakes, Rogue Trooper: Redux for the PS4 is $19.99 (33% off), while Outcast: Second Contact for the PS4 is $22.99 (43% off). Not quite as huge a sale, but still nice, is the collection of the first three Uncharted remakes for $17.99 (10% off), also on PS4. If you want a non-remake for the PS4, there's Bloodborne for $16.16 (19% off).

In kitchen gadgets, the Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Thermometer with Probe and Timer is $9.98 (48% off). I cannot imagine not having a digital thermometer for cooking (it was the reason we knew how to take out the turkey last week). It's probably one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Also on sale is the 8-Inch Multipurpose Stainless Steel Chef Knife with ABS Handle from Utopia for $10.99 (45% off).

In bigger gadgets, the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook & Carry Oval Manual Portable Slow Cooker is $19.99 (about $9 off other vendors).

In movies, the three Men in Black films on Blu-Ray will run you $5.99 (53% off), while the Blu-Ray of Blade Runner: The Final Cut is $7.88 (47% off).

For recent flicks, Saban's Power Rangers on a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack is $10 (67% off); ditto John Wick 2 and the Blu-Ray/Digital combo pack of Lion. The fantastic (and Oscar-winning) Moonlight is $9.99 (60% off) for a Blu-Ray/Digital combo pack, and Hell or High Water is $9.99 (50% off) for a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack. And Get Out is $9.96 (57% off) for a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo, and belongs in everyone's library.

Oh, and Warcraft is $5.99 (70% off) for the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo, but I suspect you're getting what you pay for there.

In toys, there's a one-day sale on Shopkins (which our niece is addicted to), Little Live Pets, and other toys. Some of the items are as high as 75% off!

There's also a sale on LEGO Classic items (there are the yellow boxes of bricks without themes or licenses).

And finally, the K'NEX Thrill Rides-Kraken's Revenge Roller Coaster is $29.99! That's 40% off, but most sellers offer it for more than the $49.99 list price. For folks looking for a more open-ended set, the K’NEX Imagine – Power and Play Motorized Building Set is $22.95 (62% off).
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A few more Amazon deals: Kindle books galore, Board Games, Anime, magazines, toys, more!

Amazon's Kindle Deal of the Week is on series fiction, with hundreds of books from assorted series for cheap (usually just one book in a series, but sometimes a bunch). A few highlights:

From mystery, you can nab High Five and a bunch of other Janet Evanovich novels for $2.99 each, as well as "Robert Galbraith's" (AKA JK Rowling) The Cuckoo's Calling for $3.99 (well worth it), and Grafton's "A" is for Alibi (launch of maybe the best ongoing modern detective series) for $2.99.

In literary fiction, North and South by John Jakes is $1.99; Conroy's The Prince of Tides (also not part of a series) is $1.99; and Alice Walker's The Color Purple (yet another non-series book) is $1.99.

In SF, VE Schwab's Villains is $2.99; All three Star Trek: Voyager: String Theory books are going for $.99 each; Scalzi's Old Man's War (has anyone not read this one) is $2.99; Pratchett's The Color of Magic (same question) is $1.99; Nnedi Okorafor's Binti is $1.99 (and the sequel is only $3.99); Vonnegut's The Sirens of Titan (which is not part of a series) is $1.99; Malka Older's fantastic debut Infomocracy is $2.99; and the first six Dresden Files novels are part of a "boxed set" for $7.99.

In non-Kindle deals, there's a 1-day huge Anime Sale, with Blu-Ray deals on One Piece, Cowboy Bebop, Black Butler, Evangelion, and a lot more. Some of the deals are at 75% off.

There's also a magazine subscription 1-day sale, with Rolling Stone for $4, New York and Martha Stewart Living for $5, and a solid amount of cooking and family magazines for $4 and under.

There's a huge Hasbro 1-Day Sale, with deals on My Little Pony (including some weird Rubik's Cube Pinkie Pie), WWE figures, Despibcable Me, furReal Friends, Don't Spill the Beans, Beyblade, Star Wars, Mrs. Potato Head (only $3.14!), and more!

In board games, Caverna: The Cave Farmers (a very solid worker placement game) is on sale for $56.35 (42% off, and about $11 below what you'll pay elsewhere), while Santorini (which I haven't played, but have heard good things about) is $29.95 (about $9 below other deals), and the tenth anniversary edition of Notre Dame is $26.83 (about $9 off as well).

And finally, in video games, Destiny 2 for the PS4 is a DotD for $25.95 (57% off).
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Amazon Cyber-Monday sales: Movies, Kindle books, LEGO, Instant-Pot, DNA testing, more!

As always, the notion of "Cyber-Monday" makes no sense anymore, since internet at home (and on phones) is ubiquitous, but hey, whatever floats your marketing boat. And as mentioned earlier, this is a shorter post than in previous years, but hopefully hits some high points.

Still on sale: The $5 off $20 Book Coupon, the best annual thing Amazon does. Go use it! It expires at midnight. And it stacks with sale books, so the new Jack Reacher hardcover, The Midnight Line, which runs $10.88 (62% off), and the new Harry Bosch hardcover, Two Kinds of Truth ($11.09/62% off) can be combined for the coupon.

This is also the last day for the Amazon Devices sale, and a great chance to get Kindle/Echo/Fire items on the cheap.

Recent movies still on sale cheap (all are Blu-Ray, most have DVD/Digital versions as well): Alien: Covenant: $8.99 (74% off); The Fate of the Furious: $9.96 (72% off); X-men: Apocalypse: $5.99 (25% off); Star Trek Beyond: $7.65 (72% off); Jack Reacher: Never Go Back: $5.96 (75% off); Get Out: $9.96 (57% off).

In kitchen goods, the Instant Pot Duo is back down to $74.99 (38% off). It's still a fantastic device.

Other kitchen gadgets and items: The Rachael Ray Oven Lovin' Non-Stick 5-Piece Bakeware Set is $27.95 (14% off, but really about $15 below other vendors). The GLOUE 4-Piece Silicone Spatula/Spoon Set is $8 (65% off). The 7-Quart Crock Pot is $19.99 (52% off). The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor is $32.88 (6% off, but really about $11 off other deals).

In Kindle books, Amazon has literally over 400 books on sale today, which is a lot to sort through. Some highlights: Didion's Slouching Towards Bethlehem (an essay collection I first read in high school, and still both one of my favorites, and an influence on my reading of essays in general) is $1.99, as is her novel Play it as it Lays. Claire North's fantastic The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August is $2.99. N.K. Jemisin's The Fifth Season -- a fantastic Hugo-winning novel -- is $2.99. George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones is on sale for $1.99, in case the series has slipped below your radar. The City Stained Red by Sam Sykes is $2.99. For Preston/Child fans, White Fire is $3.99, as is Fever Dream. Liane Moriarty's The Husband's Secret is $2.99. And Keith Richards's Life is $3.99. And in nonfiction, Yuval Noah Harari's amazing Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is $4.99.

Bonus Kindle deals: There's a huge X-Factor sale, with tons of graphic novels for $5 or less, including a bunch of the Peter David classics (many of which were not ruined by terrible company-mandated crossovers).

And for the umpteenth time, most Ian Fleming James Bond novels are $1.99 a pop on Kindle. It may be a sale they've done before, but it's still good pricing.

If you're into DNA testing (hopefully for better reasons than to be like the ass who says "I'm a member of all peoples" on the commercials) the kit is $54.99 (44% off).

In video games, LEGO Marvel Superheroes 2 is $34.99 (42% off)! That's also on my wishlist, in case anyone was curious.

And finally, for kids (or, well, anyone), there's a huge one-day sale on LEGO sets, with major sales on Marvel, Minecraft, Architecture, and other LEGO lines.
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Saturday Amazon Deals: More superheroes, Sing, Artemis, label maker, more!

Yesterday's post still has great deals on Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazon devices (Kindle, Echo, etc), Ex Libris, the $5 off $20 book coupon, and more board games and movies.

Other deals worth hitting: Along with WW and GotG2, Logan on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital is $8.99 (78% off)! Spider-Man: Homecoming is $7 for the same combo pack, which is supposedly just 22% off, but I'm guessing that's a price mistake (so grab it). John Wick: Chapter 2 is $9 (70% off), as well. For slightly older hero movies, Deadpool is just $6 for the combo pack; ditto Batman v Superman, although that's just for the Blu-ray.

If you want something for the younger folks, Sing on a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack is $6 (74% off).

In books, although it's too cheap to qualify for the $5 coupon, Andy Weir's Artemis is $12.15 (55% off). Meanwhile, the new hardcover Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is $15.74 (55% off).

And finally, because I know it's the office product a lot of people love, the Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker is $9.99 (75% off).
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A handful of Black Friday Amazon Deals: Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, GotG, games, more!

Not a huge post, as I noted yesterday; as always, Amazon will have a few thousand items on sale, but these are a few highlights:

As always, the big one and my favorite is the $5 off any print book purchase over $20 coupon (use the code GIFTBOOK17)! That partners really well with their deals on things like the D&D Player's Handbook (already on sale for $29.95/40% off).

Amazon Devices -- the Kindle, Echo, even the Dash Button -- are all on sale for some ludicrously cheap prices ($30 for a Dot, $50 for a Fire HD, $90 for a Kindle Paperwhite, etc)

In movies, the complete Harry Potter series on Blu-Ray is only $29.99 (70% off), That's barely more than $3 per film!

Wonder Woman on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack is $9 (75% off)! And Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in the same multi-format pack is $9.96 (75% off!

Other good movie deals: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis is $3.99 off on Blu-Ray; American Sniper is $3.99 off on Blu-Ray; both The Polar Express and A Christmas Story are $7.99 on Blu-Ray; Trainwreck is $4.99 on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital; Bridesmaids is $4.99 for Blu-Ray/DVD; and the underappreciated Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is $3.99 on Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital. There's a ton of other deals, as always

In board games, Ex Libris is $36.86 (39% off), and Exploding Kittens is $15.99 (20% off), both lower than any other deals on the games. Betrayal At the House On The Hill is $33.99 ($6 below other sellers), and remains one of my favorites. The expansion is also on sale for $17.99.

In video games, Persona 5 is $29.99 (40% off) if you get the digital version (the physical one was also on sale, but sold out)!

And in classic toys (for folks doing holiday shopping), the Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set is $51.32 (61% off), and the Super Spirograph 75-piece Jumbo Kit is $24.89 (26% off), both way below other sellers.

And finally, as has become tradition, the Instant Pot is on sale for $81.99 (37% off). Yes, you do need one.
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One quick deal: Person of Interest

Okay, not many. I kind of feel that LJ/DW use has finally fallen through the floor enough that folks barely read (and rarely read in a timely manner), which makes me sad, since it's still the only viable platform that combines both longform blogging and social elements well.

Anyway, no plans for the massive daily deal dumps, although I'll probably have a handful of posts (including tomorrow, of course) throughout the season.

But one deal I saw today when updating my own wishlist: Person of Interest: The Complete Series is $59.96 (54% off) on Blu-Ray, and is as much of a must-own as any show in recent memory.
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Surprise Longreads post!

This LJ/DW is not dead, dammit.

Internet harassment's nothing new (and nothing new in the news), but this piece by Julia Angwen at ProPublica on the use of mailing lists and twitter bots for mail as a form of harassment is still worth a read.

I feel like everyone's already seen this one, but the use of algorithms and bots on YouTube causes all sorts of weird and inappropriate stuff to make its way into YouTube Kids, as Sapna Maheshwari writes in the Times.

The notion that we can only keep a few pieces of short-term information in our heads at a time is well-known, but Jeff Davidson's piece The Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks is both a good documentation of the idea in general, and a broadside against the constant violation of that rule in software design.

Over in The Atlantic, Adam Serwer writes about The Nationalist's Delusion, putting the same "claim not to be racist, but still effectively racist" people who voted for Trump in the same context as those voting for his supporter, David Duke, years ago. The part of the article where a guy gets upset that hating Islam or gay marriage makes him Islamophobic or homophobic is pretty indicative of that sort of bigot.

Over 400 of the World's Most Popular Websites Record Your Every Keystroke, Princeton Researchers Find, reports Louise Matsakis at Vice. Feel free to imagine EverythingIsFine.gif in your head here. Do click through to read the post from the Princeton researchers, too.

And finally, Claire Dederer's fantastic piece in The Paris Review, What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?, is one of the best of the many thinkpieces I've seen following the current Hollywood post-Weinstein stuff, largely filtered through the lens of Allen's Manhattan.