A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations (yendi) wrote,
A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations

A few thoughts on Picard

We binged the series the other day. A few thoughts:
[Spoiler (click to open)]
1. In many ways, this was as much a show from the '90s as a current show; we not only had Picard and Seven, we also had Riker and Troi, and then folks like Hugh, Maddox, and even poor Icheb.

2. I do feel the ending was an utter cop-out, and I couldn't get invested in the grief of the characters knowing (just from story beats, not spoilers) that the person they were mourning was going to live. And holy shit was that hand-wavy. "You're now a synth, but you're exactly like your old human self minus the one brain tumor, and we'll never discuss this again."

3. The Seven/Raffi thing borders on being the sort of throwaway "we care about gay people" stuff we got with Dumbledore, with barely more screen time (literally a second) of anything. They need to work on this during S2.

4. I love everything about the ship's five AIs. And Will and Deanna's daughter.

5. So a Romulan infiltrated Starfleet, became head of security, and almost committed genocide, and it's cool that she's just flying off? Seems like a bad thing.

6. Allison Pill has come a long way since her time as Kim Pine.

7. Speaking of hand-wavy, dragging eight stars into one system? That seems a little high-tech even by Trek standards.

8. I think I'd have liked this series a little more if I hadn't been in the middle of Discovery, which is, on every level, a better show (well, every level other than Patrick Stewart). That's not this show's fault, but the plot just rolled out slower, had less going on, and honestly, we all kind of knew where it was going, for the most part.

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