A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations (yendi) wrote,
A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations

Doomsday Clock

So I read Doomsday Clock last night, and honestly? Kind of liked it. A few random and largely unspoilery thoughts:

- Unlike Watchmen, which stands alone if you have literally no knowledge of comics (even if it gains layers when you do), DC (heh) requires not only knowledge of Watchmen (reasonable for a sequel), but of the DCU, both in the general sense, and in some very specific ones (notably the fact that the golden age of superheroes had only recently been once again shunted to a separate earth). Not a criticism, but it speaks volumes about the intended audience.
- After years of crap like Death Metal and Final Crisis, it is so fucking refreshing to get an event book that A) stands on its own without reading a zillion tie-ins, and B) doesn't fetishize Batman as the Most Important Guy Ever.
- Mime is possibly only the second character ever from the Watchmen universe to have superpowers (unless there's a technological explanation for what he does -- it's left unsaid). I do find it interesting how little power there is in that universe compared to the DCU.
- The end result of the book and its take on multiverses is one I'm pretty damned happy with. It's extremely Superman-focused, but I'm okay with that because A) it makes sense and B) it's never about Superman being So Damned Cool that the writer clearly wishes he were him (see Morrison and Snyder again).
- If I have a major criticism here, it's around the handling of Firestorm, but honestly, other than Conway and Ostrander, I've generally hated any writer's handing of him.

(Oh, and no, I don't believe that Only Alan Moore Is Allowed to Write These Characters. Which is not to say that less isn't more - Before Watchmen was largely pointless and rancid -- but that's a bullshit argument.)

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