A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations (yendi) wrote,
A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations

Thursday Amazon Deals: Get Out, John Wick 2, Kitchen gadgets, PS4 games, Shopkins, K'Nex, more!

All of the Kindle Deals from yesterday are still active, including Scalzi, Grafton, Schwab, Older, and more.

In videogame remakes, Rogue Trooper: Redux for the PS4 is $19.99 (33% off), while Outcast: Second Contact for the PS4 is $22.99 (43% off). Not quite as huge a sale, but still nice, is the collection of the first three Uncharted remakes for $17.99 (10% off), also on PS4. If you want a non-remake for the PS4, there's Bloodborne for $16.16 (19% off).

In kitchen gadgets, the Taylor Precision Products Digital Cooking Thermometer with Probe and Timer is $9.98 (48% off). I cannot imagine not having a digital thermometer for cooking (it was the reason we knew how to take out the turkey last week). It's probably one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. Also on sale is the 8-Inch Multipurpose Stainless Steel Chef Knife with ABS Handle from Utopia for $10.99 (45% off).

In bigger gadgets, the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Cook & Carry Oval Manual Portable Slow Cooker is $19.99 (about $9 off other vendors).

In movies, the three Men in Black films on Blu-Ray will run you $5.99 (53% off), while the Blu-Ray of Blade Runner: The Final Cut is $7.88 (47% off).

For recent flicks, Saban's Power Rangers on a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack is $10 (67% off); ditto John Wick 2 and the Blu-Ray/Digital combo pack of Lion. The fantastic (and Oscar-winning) Moonlight is $9.99 (60% off) for a Blu-Ray/Digital combo pack, and Hell or High Water is $9.99 (50% off) for a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo pack. And Get Out is $9.96 (57% off) for a Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo, and belongs in everyone's library.

Oh, and Warcraft is $5.99 (70% off) for the Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo, but I suspect you're getting what you pay for there.

In toys, there's a one-day sale on Shopkins (which our niece is addicted to), Little Live Pets, and other toys. Some of the items are as high as 75% off!

There's also a sale on LEGO Classic items (there are the yellow boxes of bricks without themes or licenses).

And finally, the K'NEX Thrill Rides-Kraken's Revenge Roller Coaster is $29.99! That's 40% off, but most sellers offer it for more than the $49.99 list price. For folks looking for a more open-ended set, the K’NEX Imagine – Power and Play Motorized Building Set is $22.95 (62% off).
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