July 19th, 2018

Green Kiki

On the Titans trailer

So for everyone complaining about how dark and moody the trailer for the new Titans series is, do y'all remember The Judas Contract (generally considered the apotheosis of silver age Titans stories)? The storyline in which A) middle-aged Slade Wilson sends his 14-year-old girlfriend (and yes, we see them in bed together) to infiltrate the team (including seducing Beast Boy), and B) tiny Joseph Wilson -- aged roughly 4 -- gets his throat slit open with a sword? Titans during any period when people actually read and cared about the book always had some serious darkness going on (see also literally everything about Raven and Starfire's backstories). Dick Grayson cussing is hardly that big a deal.

Instead, maybe complain about DC wanting $75 bucks a year for their streaming service. That's too dark and gritty for me.