July 28th, 2012

Green Kiki

A sincere apology to Readercon

So, based on their statement (see my post from late last night), it takes an apology to get Readercon to ignore their policies (and, in fact, it's only "recognition and regret" that influence the committee, who are otherwise totally capable of overlooking traits like cronyism and SMOFdom).

So I'd like to sincerely apologize to Readercon for my snarky post last night. I realize now that it was hurtful, and really regret it. Really. You can tell it's a sincere apology because I used the word "sincere."

And I'd like to ask for my $60 back. I know there's a no refund policy, but I'm really, really sorry, and that should be enough, right?
Green Kiki

Medical updates

1. I had a sleep study a couple of weeks ago, which is a minor form of hell. As always, eight zillion sticky electrodes were attached to me from head to calf, and wires from them were attached to a small box that prevented me from moving around much. Compression straps were placed around my chest and stomach. And a breathing meter was placed in my nose. Since this happens to be exactly my evening bedtime routine, none of it interfered with my ability to get to sleep at all. Based on the twenty minutes of actual sleep I got, they called yesterday to say that they'd determined that my CPAP pressure should be reduced from 16 to 11. Since the machine itself had been making sleep nearly impossible at the higher pressure, I was damned glad to get that news.

2. Since one of the joys of diabetes is that it can do serious damage to your eyes, I'm now giving myself a lifetime ban from the house and heading to the eye doctor. I should be back in two hours.
Green Kiki

So, what do I want from Readercon?

I, and half the internet*, have vented about Readercon.

But saying "this sucks" isn't really enough.

Here's what I want:

I want to go back to Readercon.

That's the short version. I want the con that I love to be one I feel comfortable attending. So what would it take for that to happen?

That's the long version.

At a minimum, I'd like to see A) Walling's banishment extended to his lifetime (per the policy that was in place when he committed his acts of harassments and assault); B) a public apology from the Board to Genevieve Valentine, Kate Kligman, and anyone else who has come forward to talk about their experiences; C) an apology from the Board to the Readercon community, for failing to enforce policies, for damaging a great con; and D) a distinct lack of involvement from any of these five asshats** in any of the Concom or Programming areas.

Ideally, I'd also like to see the Board either step down to acknowledge their gross incompetence, or grow significantly to allow people with some intelligence and ethics on Board. I'd also like to see an apology from the Board to the Readercon community for blatantly lying to us ("It was that recognition and regret that influenced our decision, not his status in the community"). I expect to see airborne pigs first, though.

This isn't a checklist of demands; it's entirely possible that there's another way to resolve this, but this is one solution that would work for me.

ETA: I should have added this from the beginning, but yes, I want there to be a solid, comprehensive anti-harassment policy in place; part of what makes Readercon worth attending is the other Readercon attendees.

*"The internet," of course, is defined as "the parts of the internet I pay attention to." It allows me to pretend that Reddit isn't the internet, for example.

**Until I hear otherwise, I'm assuming all five people who signed their name to the public statement support it.

Green Kiki


So it looks like René Walling's latest post at Tor.com was removed (cache here). Not sure if that's related to anything else that's happened, but it does seem a bit unusual (his remaining posts are still up). Obviously, the cache might not show comments that were left between the original post and now.