July 27th, 2012

Green Kiki

A Few Friday Amazon Deals: HBO shows, Dead Island, Just Dance, Phillip Glass

The Deal of the Day offers digital copies of entire HBO first seasons (streamed purchases, not rentals) for over 50% off. That puts all of the non-HD seasons at under $10 a pop, and the HD ones at $12-15 each. Shows include everything from Extras at $3.99 to Deadwood in HD for $14.99, but pretty much every HBO series is covered. Of course, since this is only on Season 1 of each series, the goal here is probably to get you hooked (but in the case of, say, Summer Heights High, it's not like there's another season to buy anyway).

In video games, the Game of the Year Edition of Dead Island is $19.99 (33% off) for PS3 or Xbox. And Just Dance 3 for the Wii is $9.99 (75% off list, but really 50% off most retail prices).

And in MP3s, the Orange Mountain Music Phillip Glass Sampler Vol 1 is free (down from $5.99), with 21 assorted Glass songs on it (so grab it if you're at all a fan or curious about his works).
Green Kiki

Cat update

For those who haven't read Facebook or seen 'song's post, the gist of things is that Jack has feline triad disease, and is on a regiment of antibiotics (hey, did you know that amoxicillin costs four times as much for cats as humans?) , painkillers, and liquids. We'll see where things go from here.

That said, we know he's eaten at least a little bit (on top of the high calorie gel we try to force feed him but he hates like whoa), and he's getting a little more talkative (not counting the car trip, because he complains like crazy in the car no matter what), and spent twenty minutes last night crawling onto my stomach and nuzzling my fingers and chin, so that's good, at least.

Thanks muchly for all the good thoughts.
Green Kiki

Shorter Readercon Board of Directors statement

"We're a bunch of croniest fucks who suck at communication, can't foresee the consequences of our actions, and consider harassment and con safety to be about as big a priority as hangnails, maybe less so, since men are equally likely to get hangnails."

Nicholas Kaufman is much more diplomatic over here.

My anger here is mostly because they're pulling this crap, period, but exacerbated because they're willing to bring down a damned good con in the process.