December 3rd, 2006

Green Kiki

Amazon Sunday Deals (including a Sunday-only deal on the Leapfrog Fly)

(See posts from yesterday and the day before for more deals)

A few decent deals today:

The big one is the one-day-only sale on the Leapfrog Fly Pentop Computer Bundle, down to $61.99 from the original $178.95 list price (and, more realistically, half off the price you'll find it at most stores). This one expires at Midnight or when they run out.

In videogames, a few nice price drops:

On the Nintendo DS, The New Super Mario Brothers is down $5 to $29.99. And Children of Mana is $10 off, down to $19.99.

For the PS2, Valkyrie Profile II is down $10 to $39.99. And the stand-alone version of Guitar Hero 2 (for those who already have the guitar) is also at $39.99 (Amazon claims that's 58% off list, but it's really $10 off).

In the Kitchen area, the Cuisinart 4-Piece Stainless-Steel Kitchen Tool Set is on sale for $15.99 (down from $60), a nice deal if you need more than one of those tools.

The Factory-Reconditioned Waring Health Juice Extractor is selling for $22.99 (85% off the list price for the non-reconditioned one), and if you bump the order over $25 or have Prime, shipping's free.

Finally, the latest 30GB iPod Video in Black is $12 off, at $237.49.
Green Kiki

Yay, Saturday

Yesterday was a blast.

shadesong and I had been wanting to meet catvalente for years, as she's an incredibly nifty person and an amazingly talented writer. Yesterday, we finally met her! She and s00j were in town for a joint reading/concert at Pandemonium Books last night.

catvalente, along with omnisti and s00j, picked us up, and took us to an Indian restaurant for lunch (with other people whose LJ names I didn't catch). Much fun was had, as was much food. We then dropped s00j off to nap before the performance, and headed to Pandemonium to browse, which we did for hours. Elayna discovered a new manga (Full Moon), and we all found lots of stuff we needed (resisting spending money in a store like that is tough).

Then, the show began. catvalente was reading from The Orphan's Tales: In the Night Garden, her wonderful new book. She drafted Elayna to read a section near the beginning, which Miss Kid really enjoyed (and, I think it ensured she would be more attentive to the reading as a whole). The reading was interspersed with s00j's songs, most inspired by the selfsame book. I knew that catvalente was a wonderful writer, but I had no idea how good s00j was as a performer. They complemented each other perfectly (and In the Night Garden is a great book for readings to begin with, as it contains any number of tales-within-the-tale), and the show was truly a blast.

I've already raved abut catvalente's writing before. I can add a rave about s00j's singing (and performing) as well. Go check her website for samples and tour dates (and the option to buy the CDs).

Much as the performance was wonderful, what was really wonderful was the time spent hanging out with some incredibly nifty people, and finally getting to meet one of the niftier folks I've known online in person.

A truly wonderful day. Alas, we were all way too tired by the end to head out with the out-of-towners, but fibro_witch and theloriest gave us a ride home, and we crashed soon thereafter.

Yay for a happy Saturday!
Green Kiki

Quick afternoon football notes

1. J-E-T-S! I was more than a little worried going into this game; it was nice to see the Jets just destroy the Pack from top to bottom. And go Blair Bryan Thomas.

2. I think the Pats are overrated, but I sure wouldn't have expected them to come that close to losing to the Lions (who are, admittedly, better than their record).

3. The Falcons actually won! Now imagine how good they'd do if they had a quarterback instead of a running back with an okay arm. That said, any time the Redskins lose, I'm happy.