January 2nd, 2006

Green Kiki

Other assorted holiday notes

1. My first meal of the New Year? Ramen and eggs (undercooked some ramen noodles slightly, let 'em rest in scrambled egg batter for a while, then cooked it all up and shredded cheese tossed on top). No, I did not eat any black eyed peas today, for much the same reason I didn't sacrifice a goat (which would be that I was either out of goats and legumes, or I don't hold with superstitious claptrap).

2. Watched two episodes of Elayna's Popular Mechanics for Kids: Rip-Roaring Rollercoasters and All-Access for Fun DVD with Miss Kid tonight. I can't recommend these DVDs highly enough -- this is the third one that Elayna has gotten, and she adores them. That said, it's a little creepy watching a young (14-16, depending on the episode) Elisha Cuthbert, looking all perky and innocent, and realizing that she'd soon go on to pose for Maxim and play a porn star.

3. For dinner, I had the remains of the pizza from two nights ago. Yes, a Papa Johns pizza lasted me three nights. Their pan pizza is really that damned filling. Also damned tasty.

4. Elayna's bag arrived a little after ten. Flute was safely ensconced in the middle. And, of course, there was the cute little TSA "Hey, we checked your bag" note.

Today's plan: relaxing around the house in the morning, hitting the Thrashers game in the afternoon.
Green Kiki

Best team in the NHL, my fat ass

Man, that was a good hockey game. No, it was a great hockey game.


Was a little disappointed in the asshole fans booing Heatley from the get-go, but otherwise, a damned fun experience. Some fucking brilliant plays, and since we had superb seats, we didn't miss a thing.

Elayna loves the new thunder sticks they give out, and managed to make plenty of noise with them. :-)

Overall, nothing to complain about with this one. And as of this second, we're one of the top eight! Woohoo!
Green Kiki

Playing the flight status game

At 7, I checked 'song's flight status online, and it was scheduled to arrive at 12:44 (over 2.5 hours later than originally scheduled). Ack!

An hour later, it was arriving at Midnight.

Now it's up to 12:50.

Sheesh. I think I preferred the old days, when you simply had no information at all.