March 14th, 2005

Green Kiki

A few non-TV things

First, the Great Cubicle Migration is complete! Mostly. I've got a few things in drawers and file cabinets that need moving, but I'm now living in the new cube.

Second, on the KoL front, I'm currently working on stat boosting and questing for Lucky Surprise Eggs (which I'm hoping will be even luckier on a certain day this week). Of course, all those shore trips have resulted in my Muscle being even more out of sync with my other stats (50 points higher than my Moxie and 53 higher than my Mysticality). Might need to work on balance. :-)

Third, my nose has been stuffy all day. I really don't want to be coming down with something again. Heading to CVS for some echinacea drops.

Fourth, during last night's Simpsons, there were back-to-back commercials for Sin City and The Ring 2. Yay!

That's all. Work beckons (this post was written over the course of over an hour).
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Well, crap.

Yep, definitely getting sick. So far, just a cold. Hopefully, that's where it'll stop.

I made the mistake of buying Cold-Eeze. This product, alas, was mislabeled, as nowhere amongst the listings of scientific studies and other crap is there anything mentioning that it's ass-flavored. Personally, this is the sort of thing I'd like to know before popping a lozenge in my mouth. The box claims that it's "unflavored," but that's a lie, as "unflavored" couldn't possibly taste this bad.

And unlike most medicines that taste bad, this one clearly isn't effective. I'm currently generating mucus at a rate of about a pound a minute. If Thrakkorzog were around, we'd have a mucus-yendi on the rampage all too soon.
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    sick sick

Because sometimes, you've just got to spread the cheeks of continuity and drive home the phallus of bad plot.

Yes, Donna Troy is returning. What a shock. Maybe next time she can get herself killed by a decoy Batman robot.

In the meantime, I can't wait for the next explanation of her origin and survival. I wonder if they can pull a Hawkman and have absorb the memories of a whole bunch of forgotten characters, like Bumblebee, The Golden Age Fury, and Dumb Bunny. That'd make more sense than anything they've got going.

At least there'll be Garcia-López and Pérez on the art.