February 17th, 2004

Green Kiki


While I was out, someone brought in a whole batch if Icam Lecco chocolates (the Italian ones filled with Cappuccino and Tiramasu cremes).

No weight loss for me today!
Green Kiki

Firestorm! (And other DC notes)

Well, not really. Because Firestorm is Ronnie Raymond (and whoever else gets thrown into his fucked-up mixed-personality matrix), not some elemental BS who gets "granted" to people.

I know nothing about the writer, so it's definitely not going to make my pull list. But hey, it's got ChrisCross and John Dell on art, so if I hear good things about it and pick it up in trades, at least I know that it'll be pretty.

And hey, Robin is looking pretty interesting these days: Insert joke of your choice here.

Oh, and Grant Morrison Returns with Another Wacky Series! A cigar-smoking tuna! Could he be any more subversive? I mean, like wow!

Seriously, if you'd told me ten years ago that Pete Milligan would be more impressive and subversive than Grant, I'd have slapped you with my quarter-binned copies of Enigma.
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Green Kiki

The Drive-In 3!

Yes! I need this! The return of Lansdale's greatest world! Although I'd argue with some of the hyperbole -- the God of the Razor (alas, I'll never be able to afford this one) is much more Joe's signature horror concept, imho.
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Green Kiki



I'm just furious at hearing this. This is bad parenting and bad teaching at its peak.

You know what? I was reading Asimov's at 13. It didn't warp me.

You know what else? The "adult" themes in Asimov's (or any sci-fi mag) aren't porn; anyone who's not mature enough to deal with these stories simply won't be interested enough to read 'em.. Those sort of stories don't interest kids looking for sci-fi adventure, and they skip 'em. And those who want something erotic will be downloading it off the net, anyway.

And you know what else? Parents and teachers should be able to decide if something is okay for a kid, individually.

I'm pissed at the moronic mother who feels the need to impose her morality on others (note: I'm not pissed that she read it before her kid did and decided it was inappropriate -- although I think she's underestimating her child's intelligence, it's her prerogative as a parent). I'm pissed at the principle for pushing the complaint. I'm pissed at the magazine drive company (owned, not surprisingly, by that Guardian of American Values and Bland Humor, Reader's Digest). I'm pissed at this fucking ignorant tv station ("We wanted to know what it will do to prevent the same thing from happening again with other magazines"), because cluelessness is less forgivable amongst those who are supposed to cover the news. And I'm pissed at Asimov's for deciding that they need to cave to this ignorance and put warning labels on "mature" stories.

On the positive side, it's nice to see Michigan providing a nice beacon of ignorance, since the recent Kathy Cox/Evolution situation might have implied that the South was the only place where stupid people live. Hey, we've got morons in all fifty states. Go us!

Now, I'm going up to the library stacks to find a copy of Asimov's to whack off to.
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