January 6th, 2004

by epcdnr, Freddy

honesty and the current white house

Okay, honest words escape the current White House about as often as prisoners from Alcatraz (and tend to suffer a similar fate in general under this administration). But I was still a bit surprised to read this story. Yes, Laura Bush lied about George writing that awful poem. Which means that Dubya, by all rights, should sue his wife for slander. I'd sure as hell be pissed if someone attributed it to me.
Green Kiki

Hall of Fame

Okay, no problems with either Molitor or Eck making the Hall. They deserve it, hands down.

And Sandburg and Rice moved forward, and may pull a Gary Carter eventually.

But how the hell does Lee Smith fall behind Bruce Sutter? Ditto Goose Gossage. And Joe Carter falling off the ballot? Sheesh.

At least Fernando's off the ballot, as is Cecil Fielder and Keith Hernandez.

And if someone wants to find out who the fifteen crackheads who voted for Pete Rose were, I'd love to know.
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