June 30th, 2003

Green Kiki

Monday morning randomness, pre-meeting

Got five minutes to post pre-meeting.

I've officially decided to write the Mets off this year, about three months late. Granted, I didn't have high expectations, but they've still failed to meet 'em.

Now they can focus on the nifty rookies they have, and when he comes back, have Piazza at first, without worries about how it'll affect the season.

In other news, the cat's name is Jack (actually, Captain Jack Sparrow, since he's got an eye-patch). And he spent ten minutes perched on my shoulder this morning as I browsed the web one-handed. He's only 3.2 pounds, and is adorable.

We took him to the vet yesterday, and got him eye ointment, which he hates. Poor kitty.

And no, he and Max haven't spent any quality time together yet, although Max did hiss and yowl at him under the door. Max feels so heavy now when we pick him up.

Currently reading Orgy of the Blood Parasites, by Jack "Kim Newman" Yeovil. It's lots of fun as schlock horror goes, and very clearly a major inspiration for 28 Days Later. It's also the only book written under the "Yeovil" that's not set in a Games Workshop universe.

btw, if anyone comes across a copy of Newman/Yeovil's Route 666 (or the earlier anthology with the short story of the same name), could you please let me know? I'm trying to find it at a reasonable price (as opposed to the $40 or so I can find it for on the web).

Off to meeting.
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