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Linkdump - Si, and I like potatoes. — LiveJournal
1. Here's a nice bunch of alternative (and more accurate) BP logos.

1.5 And everyone knows about the BPGlobalPR Twitter account, right?

2. Tweetdeck (the desktop version) now has the ability to globally filter! I can ignore all those messages about people becoming the mayor of Simpleton or getting a merit badge in whatnot!

3. France deals with the fact that, no matter what laws they pass, they don't actually own the French language.

4. An undefeated softball team forfeited a game against a rollover opponent so they could spend the time helping the other team improve.

5. Someone who studies serial killers turns out to be one. I'm just glad this hasn't been the plot of any movies or TV shows.

6. Ron Paul has the Wookie vote.

7. Shockingly, redesigning the Looney Tunes characters has caused controversy (although I'm not appalled at the changes myself).

8. College courses you'll never see.

9. Green Lantern is getting an animated series! At this point, the written DC Universe is so abominably awful, it's amazing how good their animated properties have been.

10. Finally, what could be better than sushi on a stick?
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avivasedai From: avivasedai Date: May 28th, 2010 06:39 pm (UTC) (Link)

What a great story.

4. Awesome. Brought tears to my eyes, because I'm a softy like that. (just little ones, though.)
captain18 From: captain18 Date: May 28th, 2010 09:20 pm (UTC) (Link)
IMO, the new WB character designs are, at first blush, awful. And while I don't think people should ever get, say, death threats over a drawing (I'm not suggesting that she has, incidentally), the sheer fact that she seems to have anticipated only universal approval and acclaim for her efforts earns her everything negative comment she gets.

I mean, I get that there's a kind of chibification of the characters going on which is both intentional and meant to better resonate with the target audience. But isn't that why Tiny Toons was created in the first place (rather than going the Flintstone Kids route)? To allow Warners to create a new animated product without damaging the original characters?

It's funny that Disney seems to be bringing a more mature edge back to Mickey at the same moment that Warners is about to pitch their characters younger. Hopefully this won't massively backfire.
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