A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations (yendi) wrote,
A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations


Much food was made. And for once, the ingredients we ran out of (milk and sugar) were things that could be found at variety stores (since MA has an insane and awful law requiring grocery stores to be closed today).

As chef, I stood in the kitchen for about twelve hours, but it was worth it.

Stuff that was made:

A 21-pound turkey. Not quite as big as last year's thankfully, but still sizable. Meat came out tender, and the sage, onion, and carrots we used as aromatics helped. As chef, I got to snag the wings, which is all that really mattered to me. :-)

Cornbread stuffing. 'song found this gluten-free slow cooker one, and it was both easy and yummy.

Green beans with onions. This was damned easy to make, and had the extra benefit of being something we could make ahead of time and then zap in the microwave.

Cinnamon-roasted sweet potatoes. slipjig got the privilege of dealing with the heated oil elements of this one, which we do every year, even though it drives us a little nuts (and always requires three of us; I peeled, shadesong cut, andslipjig made wonderful cheese-stuffed mushrooms, as well as a butternut squash risotto. Both were consumed quickly and with enthusiasm.

As always, guests brought tons of food, including potato stuffing, fudge, hummus, broccoli, and other stuff. No one starved. :-)

And as always, there was The Princess Bride, and laughter, and good conversations.

I am thankful, as always, for friends, family, and tons of food.

Today, there's leftover food, and a few errands to run, and cocooning from being around too many people. And avoiding the malls. :-)
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