A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations (yendi) wrote,
A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations

Pre-Birthday stuffs

I'm not a huge fan of this (and managed to weasel out of doing one for $Winterholiday), but since a few have asked:

Yes, my birthday is in 16 days (April 8).

No, I do not feel that anyone other than my mom needs to get me a gift.

That said, I also don't mind when people get me stuff, especially since (thanks to my continued failure to win the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes) I don't have the eight
billion dollars or so that would buy me most of what I'd like.

So for those who care:

I have an Amazon Wishlist.

Causes I support include The National Association to Protect Children (which is a PAC, not a charity, so it might not be possible to donate in someone's name) , Heifer International, and RAINN (although I also support a wide range of other organizations, and any donation to a worthy cause makes me happy).

And I certainly wouldn't say no to more LJ paid time (or even a perm account if they become available).

Since I'm still in Hardcore in in Kingdom of Loathing, I might not be able to appreciate a gift there right away, but that's another great place to get me virtual stuff (and I'd much prefer KOL stuff than the stupid LJ badges).

The advantage of all of those, of course, is that those who like gift-giving and surprises can do so without having to ask for my address.

As far as other things I enjoy, horror movies are always welcome. :-) As are gift cards to almost any sort of media outlet, food store, online shopping venue, etc. (Starbucks and Shaw's Supermarkets both being quite welcome in particular). As are regular cards/postcards; I like getting mail. :-)

Oh, and to answer the other question I've gotten asked multiple times: I'm turning 35. Which I thought was middle-aged when I was ten. :-)

And to answer the other other question, no, there won't be a party. Not my sort of thing.
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