A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations (yendi) wrote,
A succulent breast dispensing good recommendations

Busy day, complete with dead chipmunk

So, yesterday was long. We got 'song to the hospital around 8:30, spent most of the morning in the check-in area, waiting for tests, answering questions, and getting shadesong turned into a Borg (well, getting an IV put in her arm, but we all know that's just the first step. Soon, you're going around with a funny glowing eye and calling yourself something like Locutus or Buttercup). After a few hours, we were sent back down to the third floor, where we saw 'song's private room (which features, wi-fi, cable tv, and a private bathroom, all of which are things that make me happy). We met seventeen or so people, including techs, nurses, doctors, etc, all of whom were almost ludicrously nice -- I'm utterly blown away by how nice everyone at the hospital seems to be. Eventually, the Borg process continued, as 'song got electrodes glued to her hair.

'song was due to be sleep deprived last night, so no napping was allowed to happen. More info on that over in her LJ (I'm just filling in the gaps here).

Eventually, 'song's mom and Spooky showed up, and we chatted for a few hours before 'song's mom and I headed home to pick up Elayna from the bus stop. That was followed by a trip to Saba where we picked up orders of pumpkin ravioli and lamb fettucini and brought them to the hospital. We all hung out there (with visits from manifestress and museumfreak) and played the Trivial Pursuit Book Lover's Edition (where we all blanked on way too many questions). We finally had to leave, and as we did, the hospital techs had finally set up a TV that could work with an external DVD player.

So, Elayna, her grandma, and I finally got home at around 9, all exhausted (I'd stayed standing or crouching most of the day, and my legs still feel it). Elayna ate dessert and hopped into the shower, and when she got out, she called out to us, "Adam, how did the cats get outside?

Needless to say, that's the sort of question that gives me a heart attack, as both our cats are indoor cats, and one lacks front claws (previous owner's mutilation, thank you very much). I assumed she's seen one out her window, but then said, "because there's a dead chipmunk in my room!"

Okay, well, the access to the crawlspace is more than large enough for a chipmunk that small to get in, so I'm no longer nearly that freaked out, but I did have to dispose of a dead chipmunk (and the severed piece of his tail), always a fun way to end a day.

Jack, on the other hand, has clearly been improving his hunting skills. I blame this on the fact that Elayna's new favorite book ever is Warriors: Into the Wild.

Visited a very, very tired 'song this morning, and am heading down to Starbucks soon to grab some caffeine for her. Thanks again for all the good wishes.
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