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Tuesday Amazon Deals: Collectable books, EA Sports, Friends, Resevoir Dogs, Jane Austen movies, LEGO - Si, and I like potatoes.
Tuesday Amazon Deals: Collectable books, EA Sports, Friends, Resevoir Dogs, Jane Austen movies, LEGO
(Most (but not all) of yesterday's deals are still active, especially the DVD deals.)

The Gold Box Deal of the Day is on collectable books. Amazon's got 60% off the Collector's Edition of Inside HBO's Game of Thrones and Dr. Seuss: The Cat Behind the Hat; 53% off Heirloom Collection editions of Sherlock Holmes, Jane Austen, and two children's book collections, and 30% off The Vault Edition of The Jedi Path: A Manual for Students of the Force.

The Kindle Daily Deal offers Mary Karr's Lit for $1.99 (80% off), and Rudyard Kipling's illustrated Elephant's Child for $.99 (89% off).

Also cheap on Kindle is Felix Gilman's The Half-Made World for $2.99 (80% off).

On Blu-Ray, you can nab the 15th Anniversary Edition of Reservoir Dogs for $5 (67% off).

The complete Friends on Blu-Ray is $149.99 (50% off). Note: For some reason, the Blu-Ray release of the series only has the originally-broadcast episodes; the standard DVD release ($139.96/30% off) has the episodes with bonus scenes, so it's a question of whether you'd prefer about an extra minute of material per episode, or getting to see Rachel in high-def.

The four-disc combo (3D/Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital) edition of Secret of the Wings $24.96 (50% off).

Band of Brothers is $34.99 (65% off) on Blu-Ray. The DVD set will run you $32.99 (59% off).

Shutter on Blu-Ray is $9.99 (60% off), and the DVD version is $6.97 (53% off).

Pride and Prejudice on DVD is down to $5 (67% off) again; the Blu-Ray/DVD combo is only $7.99 (47% off). For more cheap Jane Austen, you can nab Becoming Jane on Blu-Ray for $3.99 (50% off), and the Mean Girls/She's the Man/Clueless (aka the best Emma adaptation ever) DVD pack for $15.93 (56% off).

The DVD edition of Hatfields and McCoys (the Costner/Paxton miniseries) is $14.96 (67% off). The Blu-Ray version is $24.96 (55% off).

You can buy 2 EA Sports Games and get 1 Free. This includes a lot of the games with $10 discounts already that I mentioned yesterday, as well as some others like FIFA, NCAA Football and Tiger Woods PGA Tour.

In toys, the 643-piece Erector Motorized Racing Car & More set is $39.99 (50% off)! You can also nab the 110-piece Erector 3 Model Set for $9.99 (33% off).

If you prefer building with blocks to metal, the LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack is on sale for $19.99 (33% off).

For a third building option, a bunch of the Mega Bloks World of Warcraft sets are discounted up to 28%, and then have a 15% off bonus at checkout.

Incidentally, if you buy $75 worth of toys, Amazon will throw in a free Gund Bear. Since the eligible toys include both LEGO Advent Calendars (Star Wars and LEGO City), Melissa and Doug, and Quirkle, getting to $75 if you're shopping for kids here isn't hard. It also includes the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven, down to $38 (37% off, and about $5 below anyone else's price), and the Snap Circuits 300, down to $39.93 (39% off, and $10 below anyone else's offerings after shipping).

Finally, in MP3s, for people looking for Christmas music, the Big Christmas Box has 280 pieces, including all of Messiah, lots of Nutcracker, Ave Maria, Carol of the Angels, Good King Wenceslas, and hundreds of others.
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featheredfrog From: featheredfrog Date: November 13th, 2012 02:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
Just an aside -- you are aware, aren't you, that any book ADVERTISED as "Collectable" or "Collector's Edition" isn't.
yendi From: yendi Date: November 13th, 2012 02:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
:-) Of course (same with video games and DVD sets)! That said, I'm a sucker for really ornate coffee table books, personally. Although even at the discount rates, these are out of my league.
elsewhereangel From: elsewhereangel Date: November 14th, 2012 12:34 am (UTC) (Link)
I've never purchased a single thing from these lists but I always enjoy them because I feel like I'm being let in on a secret score. It's silly but true.
yendi From: yendi Date: November 14th, 2012 01:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
:-) I genuinely have fun writing them (and they probably wouldn't be worth the effort if they weren't fun), and part of that is finding those secret scores.
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