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Oh, wow
So it looks like Christopher Priest -- the talented but kind of intense British writer and good buddy to Harlan Ellison who wrote The Prestige, not the comic book writer who gave us Quantum and Woody (which, in turn, gave the world one of the greatest action figures ever) -- really, really, really does not like this year's Clarke Awards shortlist. A lot.

I'm actually pretty fine with his arguments about the works excluded, particularly Lavie Tidhar and, to a lesser extent, Ian MacLeod. And you'll never hear me disagree with someone suggesting that China Miéville shouldn't be shortlisted (something that, I realize, puts me in a minority of fans).

But man, does he have a lot of hate on for some of the other books (and their authors) that make the list. And for the selection committee. It's not that I haven't seen some degree of snark before -- or even provided some of my own (I'm still trying to figure out how Michael Flynn's Eifelheim finished second in the Hugo voting five years ago) -- and we're only a year removed from seeing a Nebula awarded for the whale rape story -- but the amount of bile and personal animosity here is pretty astounding.

(And yes, there's a big difference between the any-fan-with-money voting criterion for the Hugo, the member-of-SFWA one for the Nebula, and the small committee used for the Clarke. That said, I certainly can't remember the Clarke or the World Fantasy Awards ever getting this type of hate before.)

ETA: Damien Walter provides some context for Priest's piece.

ETA2: John Scalzi weighs in here, and (not surprisingly) puts things in context quite nicely.

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