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Si, and I like potatoes. - October 5th, 2006
robyn_ma should sue these people.

(Well, if Bill Keane's army of lawyers doesn't do so first).
I'm utterly disgusted with these parents, who have now gotten a good teacher fired because their precious little fucknugget saw a nude sculpture at a museum.

I'm even more disgusted, however, with the spineless principal and school board in the article.
Yet another parent with an obsessive desire to prevent their fucknugget from actually, you know, engaging her brain.
As we try to raise money for the move, we'll be selling lots of stuff. Most of it's bound for the garage sale, but there are a few things we'll be selling online.

One of them is my Apple Techstep.

This one comes with the SCSI HD Tests and the CPU TEsts, Vol 1. v1.1.1 roms, as well as the SCSI, speaker, keyboard, and serial cables. Of course, it also comes with the case and the power supply.

I've tested it to the extent that I've plugged the TechStep into the power outlet, and it turns on and displays properly. Since I don't have any SCSI-based Macs on hand, I can't vouch for anything more, but it should work on any of the older (Classic, SE, SE/30, II, IIx, IIcx) machines.

I'll take the best reasonable offer (at least $50 before shipping), but I'd rather get rid of it sooner than later.

And yes, feel free to mention this to any Mac Geek friends. Email me at yendi (at) livejournal (dot) com if you're interested.
For those who might be confused by all the appearances of the Republican Speaker of the House in the news lately, please re-read the post I made a couple of years ago, noting the difference between Mr. Speaker and a Lovecraftian creation.
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