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Si, and I like potatoes. - May 16th, 2005
It's commencement day today, which means that demetria23 enters bachelordom, and jet_li_wannabe gets to call himself "doctor jet_li_wannabe ." Woohoo!

It also means that the drive to work today and the process of parking afterwards were, well, not fun. At all.

On the plus side, had Ethiopian food last night with thryn , docorion , shadesong , and Elayna (who tried a little of the bread and basically napped the rest of the time, as she'd been at a friend's sleepover the night before and claimed to be running on two hours of sleep). Was quite yummy.

While Elayna was at her sleepover (and these people, let me tell you, have the biggest dog I've ever seen -- 150 pounds, and I swear she's at least 33% horse), we took advantage of the opportunity to see an R-rated movie, and caught Unleashed, which was quite good (and quite stolen by Bob Hoskins).

Alas, my internet connection at home has gone from suck to blow, and it's too frustrating to attempt to read or post during the weekends now. Grr.

I did manage to read two more Kinsey Millhone books, and about six graphic novels, all good things (especially since I've finally read volumes one and two of Sleeper. I'd enjoyed the concept and character when they were introduced in Point Blank, but now I'm just blown away. Highly recommended.
I watched Suicide Club this weekend. This was easily one of the most fucked-up things I've ever watched. Ever. I mean, it makes the early works of Peter Jackson look like The Happiest Little Elf.

I'd describe it, but the less you know, the better. It not a horror movie, per se, but it's as dark, graphic, and gory as the best horror flicks.

I'd love to know what someone more familiar with contemporary Japanese culture thinks of this. I suspect that there's got to be some stuff that I'm just not getting (like all the chicks wandering around during that one scene near the end). Still it's got everything you could want in a movie, if what you want is hundreds of dead teenagers, rolls of stitched-together skin, a sociopathic David Bowie wannabe, the creepiest movie hospital in recent memory and pre-teen J-pop music.

Those who are looking for a traditional plot or resolution, otoh, might be disappointed.

Still, worth it for those with the stomach and the patience for it.
In preparation for the upcoming Muppets Wizard of Oz, Zap2It interviews Miss Piggy.

(Of course, it would help if they could pin down a time).
Dear NBC:

Fuck you. Fuck you a lot. You have one fucking top-tier show on your entire fucking network (with apologies to the Law and Order mafia on my FL and the six people who still watch Will and Grace and imagine it's as funny as it was seven years ago, and acknowledgment that Medium is fun and on my Tivo subscription list). Yet Scrubs gets held back as a midseason replacement while shit like Joey gets promoted because some executive got a handjob from the show's producers.

Hope you sink to fucking sixth in the ratings, assholes. Fuck it, I'm rooting for you guys to fall below Pax.

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