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Si, and I like potatoes. - January 26th, 2005
Was exhausted last night and crashed before 10. Ugh.

iTunes has no fewer than six free songs this week! To find 'em, go to the main iTunes store page, click on the free download of the week, then click on the artist's name, and look for the playlist called "Free iTunes Songs Up To Date." Click on it, and you'll see all six freebies (as well as a history of the other songs that had been free in the past).

It's going to break 60 degrees today. But the library still has the heat on. Ugh.

Dude. Someone wrote a book about this new trend. It's called Blog: Understanding the Information Revolution That's Changing Your World. Sounds like such a nifty concept. I'll have to check this "blog" thing out someday. But only if they release a For Dummies book on the subject (note: the For Dummies book is actually aimed at business blogging, as I guess they figured that plenty of dummies already know how to create personal blogs).

In sports, looks like the Mets are about to land Doug Mientkiewicz. Given the team's current chances of making the World Series, I'm not very worried about any issues with him keeping a winning ball. :-)

New Ghost Rider miniseries! Written by Garth Ennis. I'm cautiously optimistic.

Reminder: Want Girl Scout Cookies? Of course you do! If you don't already have a troop/local resident that you're supporting, read shadesong 's post over here to order some.

Finally, I can only refer you to robyn_ma , who answered the age-old question of "What if I do a Google search for Lesbian Salad Dressing?" Livejournal: So much more practical than Wikipedia.

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Man parks car on tracks, ends up killing 10, injuring at least a hundred in Glendale.


And yes, for once I'm using "train wreck" to refer to an actual train wreck.

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The original opening of Finals
Will Pfeifer, over on his blog, posted a nice article detailing the original opening scene from Finals. Finals was an extremely nifty Vertigo series with art by Jill Thompson and words by Pfeifer, set in an oddball alternate world/slight future in which a university allowed its student to attempt anything, ranging from evolutionary downgrading to time travel to creating a cult for credit. It was a blast, but the opening scene had to be reworked post-Columbine, and never saw publication. So any fans of the series who want to see what Will had planned instead of the pubished experimental steroid opener can now check it out.
Unlike a lot (seemingly all, at times) of LIvejournal, I'm not particularly interested in slashfic. Nothing against it, but it's not my cuppa.

But if the world needs more of one kind of slash, it's this:

RP slash featuring The "Reverend" Donald Wildmon and the "Reverend" Fred Phelps. With every act, no matter how depraved (just replace the "ps" sound with a "ch" one, for starters) being absolutely consensual.

Because you know they both want it.
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