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Si, and I like potatoes. - December 10th, 2004
Good night of Hanukkah last night. Elayna's grandparents got her a new PS2 to replace the one that was stolen last year. The latest model is tiny -- small enough to fit two or three of them inside the original PS2. I'm still kinda shocked at how tiny they managed to make it. I'm not sure I can recall a game system this small ever. Even my Turbo-Grafx-16 was bigger.

She also got a CD-Walkman from her aunt, and A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Perilous Parlor Board Game from us. Yeah, it's got mixed reviews, but the pieces are pewter -- it's pretty, if nothing else. :-)

shadesong got me Schott's Food and Drink Miscellany. If ever a book was written for me, this was it. Random bits of food trivia, including info on beers and Coca-Cola. Yeah, my wife knows me.

And I know her. I got her Jem, Seasons 1 and 2. :-)

In other news:

The DNAgents reprints have been cancelled. *sigh*

How did I miss the fact that Elvis Mitchell left the Times?

I appreciate all the hype for the Jets/Steelers, but with Abraham out, I don't see us as having a chance. I just don't want us to be embarrassed, or to lose Martin to an injury. that said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Technically, this interview with Busiek doesn't slam Bendis at all. But when he says The big difference between the Avengers and the JLA is that the Avengers are a team -- they train together, live together, function very strongly as a unit -- while the JLA are a league -- they're very much individual heroes who come together as needed to deal wit the humungo threats. That's not to say they don't train or have any teamwork, but they don't focus on it to the extent of the Avengers, and it gives the book a different flavor. The JLA are the best of the best as individuals, the Avengers may not all be superstars taken individually, but they come together into the primo team of the Marvel U, he nails what's wrong with the revamp.

Looking at the trailer for the new (and completely un-fucking-necessary) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film, I have to wonder whether Burton blew his entire creative wad for the decade on Big Fish. This looks worse than Planet of the Lame Simians.

Finally, the Annie Award nominations have been announced. The Incredibles got 16 noms, including at least one (and as many as four) in every category it was eligible for. Hooray!

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Countdown, by Geoff Johns:

There's tons of speculation on who that body is already. I hope the folks saying it's Ted Kord are dead wrong, as losing my favorite DC and Marvel characters in the span of four months would suck.
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